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Here is a stream of general fix-it stuff but also miscellaneous things that crop. The list can be a bit random but hey! Thats life I guess…

  • A friend asked why their mower did not turn on?
    Oh my! I really do think that basic electrics need to be taught in school. Luckily no one was hurt in the screw up on with this appliance! It was a quick fix and amazingly it worked fine after that!
  • 0/0 Clive Sinclair
    Sad to hear of the passing of Clive Sinclair. A true visionary and responsible for allowing so many to access computers. My first one was my faithful ZX81 which I treasure. Odd that the last post was adding a video mod to it to keep it working for longer. Let us remember him for his… Read more: 0/0 Clive Sinclair
  • DIY Warning!
    A warning to sons and daughters who feel obligated to help their mothers with DIY tasks: Since my father passed away some years ago I have been called upon to fill his DIY shoes (and for a fairly compact guy he did have BIG shoes…) Of course I try my best but I must confess… Read more: DIY Warning!
  • The Queue
    The queue is both a means to an end and also a potential powder cake of explosive aggression. Most queues exist for a short period of time and are hardly noticed when others have a life of their own. The English are a nation of queuers. We seem to have a unconscious desire to form… Read more: The Queue