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As a developer for many years, you tend to build apps and utilities to help on the way.

Software packages

Program that allows TCP packets to be sent and received over the network. The packets are simple text messages that can be echoed to screen or written to disc.

For further information on how to use the program click here

A simple program that runs on Windows XP up to Windows 10 and locks your screen. It is mega simple and there is no fuss.

Or if you want to see the source you can get it here:

A simple program that returns the binary file type using the built i Windows Kernel DLL

Or if you want to see the source you can get it here:

Windows – Utility scripts

I do love a good batch file! Or a nice PowerShell script… Lost count of the number written over the years. They can be VERY useful and save a bunch of time.

Here is a collection of scripts for your arsenal of scripting:


Hosts file
Edit your hosts file easily.
Right-click and run as Administrator so you can save it after
Network devices
List network devices and optionally show details. Run:
ListNetwork.bat [args, see below]
list = List all network devices
status = List network devices and show connected status
config = List network device config values
Whats my IP
Show your gateway IP address.
Uses an external API to process the result (

Certificates (Oh how I love certificates!)

Current User
Open certificates for the current user
Local Machine
Open certificates for the local machine


Test website SSL

Script to test the SSL on a given website. Shows the start/end time for the certificate and the number of days before expiry.
Call with:
./TestDomainCert.ps1 -url “https://…..”
Generate password
Generates a password with a specified length
Call with:
./MakePassword.ps1 -length 32

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