Mac Plus Keyboard repair – Pt2

Having previously fixed the Mac keyboard with some broken key switches things were going ok. Yes the top right key was missing but it was working ok. Unfortunately the next issue was caused by me and not putting the keyboard in the right place. It fell and the right shit key snapped off! Urgh…

Rats! Note to self: “Please organise your garage!”

Looking into the key there seems to be half the shaft still in it which is a pain:

The additional issue here is that the keycap under the shift key also has a broken bit so both things together are useless.

I really don’t like typing on a keyboard with a broken shift key, having to use only the left one is a pain. Looks like it is a game of musical key caps…

If the slash key on the keypad is removed and keycap under it swapped perhaps that will make things usable.

First to drill out the remaining broken shaft:

Using a VERY small drill bit here and carefully drilling out the plastic. A small bit at a time to avoid drilling right through the shift key cap…

Removing the switch from the keypad, making sure the correct one is dessoldered.

Next it is reassembled.

Now the keyboard is usable and again WooHoo!

It has been in the wars but the main keys all work a treat. Perhaps these missing keys are just battle scares?

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