Oric games – Tape load times and ranking

Here is a page showing Oric tape games that I have tested.

They include the speed and loading times for each game and I rank them, so you can target the most fun in the least amount of loading time…

The ranking is:
0 – Not great
1 – A bit boring but worth a look for the die-hards
2 – Good fun over all
3 – Really good fun
4 – A must go for sure
5 – If you need a retro hit load this!
Difficulty is:
E – Easy
M – Medium hard
H – Hard
C – Crazy hard!

TitleSpeedLoading timeRankDifficultyYouTubeNotes
3D MazeFast1:422MOpen
Break OutFast1:143HOpen
Oric InvadersSlow8:402HOpen
Light CycleFast1:004H *Open2 Player!
Dinky KongFast1:552HOpenI’m not very good at platformers
Rat SplatFast1:532MOpenKeys are a little tricky
Bozy BoaFast0:453MOpenControls are a bit lagged
Ultima ZoneFast1:454MOpenSmooth!
Harrier AttackSlow8:235MOpenAwesome!
Hells TempleFast4:264MOpen
Killer CavernsFast0:511EOpenI would give it a miss to be honest!
Galaxy 5 – Astro WarFast0:302MOpenA multi tape
Galaxy 5 – Space ChaseFast0:312HOpen
Galaxy 5 -AsteroidsFast0:542MOpen
Galaxy 5 -GalaxyFast1:024MOpenGood fun for sure
Galaxy 5 -Lunar LanderFast1:143MOpen
Defence ForceFastTBC5MOpenAmazing!
Zorgons RevengeFastTBC5HOpenI love it!
Road FrogFast1:40 **2MOpenGets crazy fast on level 5!
Kilburn EncounterFastTBC2HOpen
Oric MunchFastTBCOpen
Lunar MissionFastTBCOpen
Mushroom ManiaFastTBCOpen
Elektro StormFastTBCOpen

* Really tricky key combination.

** Has some weird loading as you have to rewind the tape. Got to test with REMOTE control on the tape

Your comments are welcome. If you think my take on a game is wrong or if you just want to critique my game play technique, that’s fine.

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