Retro Gaming – Dungeon Raider (BBC Micro)

After a long time in the planning the development (work always gets in the way!) the latest release from RetroGinger is almost here.

Dungeon Raider is a nethack/rouge-style game designed for a bunch of retro computers. The first release will be on the Acorn BBC Micro.

It will feature 100 levels of retro turn based game play.

The intention is to offer this as a boxed game just it was back in the 80s

Here are some of the materials so far:

The cover:

The manual:


So far the game will ship of disc and contain 100 levels. The intention is to keep it similar to nethack/rouge and will therefore use ASCII characters for the graphics. There may be an option to swap modes to simple graphics display but that depends on if these will look ok on the BBC Micro.

The focus is on game play and level design.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

If you would like to be a play tester please let me know.

Work so far

The works continues on the game. It is at the play testing stage and here are some screen grabs so far:

In play testing mode at the moment and level design.

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