TCP Socket Client/Server Program

Whilst messing about with the C# network socket libraries I put together a TCP socket listeniner and client. It turned into a neat little Client / Server program that can send text over a TCP socket to a given IP and Port.

In the file you can download from Software there are two test .BAT files:


Binds to localhost and listens on port 88 for a socket connection. If anything comes in it is schoed to screen and saved in a file called listen.txt


Sends a text string to a listening server on localhost:88 When executed the server then shows:

Text is now added to listen.txt in the same directory as the .EXE file

Not sure if it is useful for anyone but if you do find anything to do with it drop me a line and let me know. Or if you want some features added then thats cool to!

Poor error checking ATM and was wondering if I should add file transfer…